Here are some common questions about UGP
How many hours of golf I will have per week?

The hours dedicated to golf training depends on the program:

  • College program: from 15h to 25h per week, depending also on the workload of the degree (some are more time demanding than others), the player, the momentum of the semester, etc.
  • GAP Year Program: from 25h to 30h per week. The academic workload is lower than in the college program and therefore you are expected to work harder in your golf.

This time includes training sessions in the driving range and short game areas, practice rounds, technology sessions, match play and intramural league, external competitions, fitness & conditioning, mental sessions & strategy sessions, planning, fundamentals sessions, stats tracking, etc.

What Handicap do I need to join UGP?
We do not have a specific handicap requirement as our selection process considers not only the golf level but also the academic level and personal factors. However, you will need to play to a reasonable level (single digit) and more importantly have the drive and ambition to work hard to improve. Remember, you will be spending between 1 to 4 years working on your game! We care more about what your level is when you complete your stage at UGP.
Do I need to know Spanish language to take part in UGP golf training?
UGP training is designed to integrate international players into the Spanish language and culture. Despite the fact that the golf and physical training are mainly given in Spanish, all our instructors and team members speak English.
Do I need a car while I'm UGP program?
You don’t need a car. UGP take care of the daily transport of the students-players. However, some of our senior players have their own car but we do not recommend this for freshman players.
What can I study at UGP program?
We have a wide variety of options that will fit your academic background. Please see our Studies section to learn the details of our academic offer.
What are the academic requirements?
The academic requirements will vary depending on the program chosen. In general, for all the programs, you will need to have completed your secondary education. Please contact us at UGP admisiones@universitygolfspain.com or fill in our contact form to have more information.
Are there any recognized exams / qualification regarding a minimum Spanish level?
Yes, our students get prepared for the DELE test (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language, the official diploma issued by the Spanish Institute Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education indicating the Spanish language proficiency). It takes place in May and depending on the level of the students. The university program will require the Intermediate or Advance level.
How many hours of study per week are required in an GAP Program?
On average, students dedicate around 10 hours a week to their studies, including lessons.
How old do I need to be to be accepted in UGP?
We accept students from 17,5 years old depending on the program.
When can I apply to the program?
We recommend you to apply from 6 to 12 months in advance. UGP has a rolling admission policy, but please note that every season start on May and the admission process might take few weeks. Apply now!
Can I schedule a visit?
Yes! Please contact the admissions office at admisiones@universitygolfspain.com to schedule a visit. A visit usually takes 2 hours and your game will be professionally evaluated by one of our UGP instructors.
Where the formal interview takes place?
One of our admission requirements is a formal Skype interview. If you have the opportunity to come on campus in Malaga or Seville, we would be pleased to have a face-to-face interview.
How is the academic calendar at UGP?
UGP works accord with the academic schedule of Spain; that is from September to June. The academic calendar has two periods of official holidays: 2 weeks in Christmas and 10 days in Easter.
Does UGP offer scholarships?
We do have a limited amount of financial aid available. Recipients are selected based on an academic, athletic, character and financial review. Additionally, UGP is in the R&A scholarships program for college golfers. The scholarships are annual and range from 600 to 1,800 GBP.

To be eligible there is a minimum HDP required:

  • Female: 3 or better.
  • Male: scratch or better.
Does UGP offer accommodation?
Yes, UGP students can stay in residences in both Malaga and Seville. The rooms are single, with full board and are equipped with all the necessary facilities.
What kind of activities I can do in Spain?
In Malaga and Seville you have plenty of things to do. Large number of museums, touristic attractions, seaside walks, practicing all kind of sports (including the university sports facilities), beach, cinemas, shopping centers and a wide gastronomy offer.
How can I move around in my spare time?
Both cities have a complete public transport system with buses, metro and train. A car is not necessary to move around the city.
It is easy to travel to and from Malaga / Seville?
Yes. Both cities have International Airports with direct flights to most of the European cities, and the train will take you to the main cities of Spain.
Still need help? Send us a message!
For any other questions, please write us at info@universitygolfspain.com or call us on (+34) 626 416 194