Once again we seek to share tips or keys to improve your golf.

In this section of the blog, we try to provide you with a new simple and practical tool every month, so that you can introduce it into your daily golf routine.

improve your golf

As this is one of the most difficult sports in the world, we offer you keys to simplify your game and, above all, what happens inside your mind.

On this occasion, the UGPM coaches bring you, exclusively, 3 simple and important factors that you must take into account when removing your ball from the bunker.

improve your golf from the bunker

Many players join the team with a very good level of play, however the vast majority have no theoretical knowledge of the practice of this sport.

Although it is a lot of information, and if you delve into more and more complex, it is always recommended to at least know the base.

Do you need to know all the theory to improve your golf?

No, simply that, when it comes to losing yourself in your game, you can or have the ability to go back to theory to reorient yourself, and thus find out where the problem lies.

But without going any further, today we simplify that theory for you in 3 simple keys to improve your golf.

To remove the bunker ball, you simply have to start with these 3 steps:

  1. Sit with a wide stance for added stability. Important, try to sink a little with your feet to notice what type of sand you are facing and therefore know how your ball will come out.
  2. Position yourself so that the ball is located in line with the inside of your left heel.
  3. Open the face of the club so that it does its job, and try to start the rise of the club leaving the lower body stable and without rotating.

improve your golf

Needless to say, you must repeat this thousands and thousands of times, until you get tired and keep doing it, but not only to get results, but more importantly, to know yourself as a bunker player.

At the end of the day, each player is unique, therefore, the best way to grow in this sport is, informing yourself of the basic theory, always applying it with a professional who guides you, and last and most importantly, getting to know yourself as you work to improve your golf and evolve as a player.

We hope it helps you and that you can apply it in your game!

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