UGP Tour WAGER: Baviera Golf

During the weekend of April 26 to 28, we held the last tournament of our UGP Tour WAGR of the 2023-2024 season. This time the competition took place in the Malaga course of Baviera Golf which was presented in magnificent conditions.

Friday the 26th dawned windy, complicating the playing conditions on an already very technical field, even so, some players knew how to cope with the adversity of the wind and presented very decent cards.

Nicolás Moreno and Axel Houdialle led with 74 strokes after the opening round, followed by Javier Peces with a score of 75 strokes.

On Saturday the 27th, to make things even more difficult, it rained for much of the day. Despite everything, there were players who were able to develop a great game, bringing out the skills necessary for these types of conditions.

At the end of the day, Nicolás Moreno and Fernando Sainz, both UGP players, led the standings with a total +6, taking five shots off the chasing group, which presaged that the tournament was going to be decided in a head-to-head match between the two.

Sunday the 28th dawned with sun and almost no wind, perfect conditions for the game and to enjoy the development of the fight for victory.

The solidity of Nicolás Moreno was overwhelming, he did not give any option to the rest of the players and with a round of 70 strokes he was proclaimed champion with a difference of 11 strokes over Fernando Sainz and Juan Antonio Puentes.

With this tournament we put an end to the tour for this season, thanking all the players and courses for the trust placed in us and we invite you to participate in the next tests of the UGP WAGR TOUR in 2024-2025.

Below are the photos from the last day.