UGP Tour WAGR: Zaudín Golf

From March 1 to 3 we compete in the fifth test of our tour UGP Tour WAGR on the Huelva course Isla Canela Golf, under strong wind conditions throughout the weekend.

The course was in magnificent condition and with very firm greens, which made things even more complicated, if possible, for the players.

The first day, as expected, was not going to bring low results, with the leaders, Juan Antonio Puentes and Adam Kind, finishing with 73 strokes, playing a solid game and defending themselves very well on the greens.

Saturday became a day of survival, the strong gusts of wind made strategic play and the ability to hold on to the field become very important. With these conditions, the day ended with Joao Alves leading with +7 accumulated, followed by Nicolás Moreno and George Castle 3 and 4 strokes behind.

On Sunday the day dawned calm but little by little the wind increased in intensity and the day became complicated again, causing the excitement in the last games, with the victory at stake, to grow as the end approached. Finally, Harry Thomas, The Golf College Degree player, making an extraordinary round of par was the one who took the victory, ahead of Joao Alves by one stroke and Nicolás Moreno by two.

We would like to make a special mention of Sara Moreno and Maria Mockzarska who, due to the mixed nature of the tournament, fought every hole with the participating boys.

We are ending the fifth tournament of our circuit and we are already looking towards the last one of the season that will be played on the Malaga field of Baviera golf from May 3 to 5. We wait for you!

Below are the photos from the final day.