Places in Malaga, small towns with a unique charm.

Like every month, we like to share some secrets of what surrounds us.

Since our location is practically perfect, and is increasingly visited by the inhabitants of this world, little by little we are revealing new places in Malaga, so that you do not stop being surprised and enjoying yourself when visiting UGPM.

Places in Malaga full of history and simplicity

One of the most cosmopolitan and chosen cities worldwide, our beloved and beautiful Malaga, carries with it innumerable places full of charm and tradition.

Today, we share with you three places in Malaga, that if you have not been, you will want to, and if you have been, you will probably return.

Below we present a small, but very qualified, list of 3 places in Malaga you must visit.

plaza de toros de la real maestranza de ronda

Ronda is one of the old towns of Malaga, and we say old because it has grown so much that today it is called a city, but its charm as a town can never be lost.

There, is one of the oldest bullrings in Spain, built in 1784, where today, in addition to equestrian shows, we can find the museum of the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda.

Puente Nuevo en Ronda

However, Ronda is more famous for the big and majestic Puente Nuevo, an emblematic monument of the city of Malaga, as you can see in the image. You can also visit the Puente Viejo, making a tour through gardens and streets that border the great cliff of the Guadalevín River.

Our second place is Mijas Pueblo, a few kilometers away from Malaga capital. Located about 430 meters above sea level, Mijas Pueblo has privileged views that your eyes will appreciate.

pueblos de Málaga

Here you will find the famous donkeys of Mijas, which are very friendly and enjoy sharing pleasant rides on their backs, or carts, through the picturesque cobbled streets of Mijas.

A really pretty town, with its white houses adorned on their fronts with colorful and well-kept vertical gardens.

Mark Ruffalo knew what he felt for Malaga…

pueblos de malaga

Finally, and inevitable, the great Nerja, about 45 minutes from Malaga city. One of the most visited towns by world tourism, due to its combination of crystal clear water beaches together with the tradition of a typical Andalusian town.

cascada de maro

We quickly leave you with mandatory activities such as: visiting the Balcón de Europa and taking a souvenir on your mobile phone or camera, and finally visiting the Maro waterfall, which can only be reached by water, by kayak or paddle surf. All this can be rented on the beach of Maro, a few minutes past Nerja.

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(Sources: pictures from: Mijas Pueblo, Nerja, Maro, Ronda)