The terraces in Malaga that you must visit!

In our “Around us” section of our blog, we once again delight you with three places for you to sign up for when you visit Malaga.

Like every month, we care about adding places to your list of places to visit when you visit the city, or when you receive your family and friends. Of course, you can be very calm that we will make you look very good.

terraces in malaga

We have already shared towns to visit, activities to do and restaurants to eat or dine. Now we see ourselves with the obligation to offer you some terraces in Malaga where you can sit and enjoy some good drinks, with privileged views.

Here we leave you to choose one of the 3 terraces in Malaga most visited by both tourists and local people.

First of all, we are going to recommend the one that for us is essential that you know, the Chinitas terrace, located a few meters from the Plaza de la Constitución. It is a terrace located on the rooftop of a hostel in the historic center of Malaga.

terraces in malaga

Not only does it have a mesmerizing view in front of the imposing cathedral of Malaga, but it is located in a very accessible place, and the site staff is so nice that it adds a plus to your experience.

Secondly, one of the busiest terraces in Malaga, the terrace of the Alcazaba or Batik.

El Batik is a restaurant located on the fourth floor of the Alcazaba Premium hotel, and the terrace on the fifth and last floor.

This terrace is divided into two places, one covered and one outdoors. However, in the winter season, both rooms are equipped with stoves, so you have no excuse not to go.

terraces in malaga

Overlooking the Alcazaba, this terrace is a complement to the restaurant below.

Finally, one of the most beautiful terraces in Malaga, as it is located right in front of the beginning of the promenade. The Valeria terrace is a terrace that is part of the Room Mate Valeria.

The attention is excellent and we recommend you to go before the sunset, to have the best view of the port and the “muelle uno”. And one more recommendation, if you like wine, they serve a red wine from Ronda that cannot be found in other places, so ask for it without hesitation. Then you can always thank us with a comment or a google review for the recommendations.

We hope that you have noted everything on your “checklist”.

Although there are many terraces, these 3 terraces in Malaga are, in our opinion, the best.

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