We share you 4 college and golf options for you.

Every month we seek to provide you with at least one grain of sand, so that your information is as complete as possible, when deciding on your college and golf.

When it comes to talking about a golf program, we are talking about the most complete and unique in continental Europe, the University Golf Program.

Therefore, the only thing left for us to share with you are the options that most closely match your expectations, from which you will choose your university to combine with the intensive golf program.

college and golf

4 are the universities that we recommend to combine with our golf program. However, we do not stop working to offer you year after year in different possibilities so as not to lock ourselves in simply the classic.

That is why we also created the GAP Year Program, where foreign players learn a new language, or the Golf Management course, managed by Club Manager Education.

universidad y golf

We share now the 4 college and golf options for you to start your journey here, with us.

  • UMA: The University of Malaga, recognized worldwide, is a public university which offers a range of possibilities so that players can combine their studies with an intensive golf program. It offers careers such as Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, History, Tourism, Medicine, Engineering, etc.
  • EADE: it is a private university, which offers the possibility of completing bachelor’s degrees followed by master’s degrees, and not only that, but once finished they have different agreements with companies so that you can continue your professional training. They offer careers such as Business Administration, Advertising and Design, Physical Education and Interior Design among others.

elegir tu universidad y golf

  • UNIR: is one of the first 100% online universities. It has been a revolution at the academic level since it gives the opportunity to those people who do not have the possibility of attending class in person. It offers careers such as Education, Law, Design, Political Science, etc.
  • ESIC: specialized in Business, Marketing and Communication, ESIC is a private university that has specialized in training future professionals in the business sector in all its functions for more than 50 years. It offers careers such as Marketing, Digital Business and Advertising among others.
    With these 4 options it is much easier for you to form your university and golf combo.

Remember that places are limited, so the sooner you send your admission form, the sooner we can start the enrollment process to your college and golf program.

From here you can start with your admission.

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