Your golf matters to us, that’s why we share simple tips every month to apply to your game.

Previously, in the last article on “improve your golf”, we have shared 3 keys to improve your golf from the bunker, and if you have not read it, click here to add more basic golf knowledge to your brain.

sacada de búnker

On this occasion, we bring you 5 very simple keys to strategy on the course, so that you can improve your golf without much effort.

You probably feel frustrated many times, for not getting the results you want. However, there are many times that we are wrong with these expectations, since we are not aware of the work time it takes to achieve them.

tiempo de entrenamiento

Therefore we have two options, either lower those expectations and look for something according to our quality and training time, or inject a significant dose of time and dedication, which is often not possible.

After this brief reflection and being realistic, we can improve certain aspects of the game as long as we know and recognize the player we are.

mejora tu golf

The 5 keys to improve your golf that we bring you today are based on simplifying the game.

Here we list them:

1. Whenever you position yourself on the tee box, tee the ball on the side where the danger is, to minimize said danger and extend the margin of play towards the correct side. If you have an out of bounds on the left side, you will puncture the tee on the left side so you can “lean on that side and take it out of play”.

2. If your ball is in the “rough” you should know that said shot will be dirty and the ball will go out of control, therefore try to hit as easy as possible. Medium swing and gripping the club shorter.

grow your golf

3. If your ball is behind the trees, don’t try a “Seve” shot, as it probably won’t hit you. Take a simple shot to the Fairway and “sacrifice” a shot that you will finally appreciate.

4. If your ball is below the level of your feet, try to aim to the left, as your ball will tend to go to the right. The same thing happens the other way around. Therefore, analyze before playing.

5. If the circumstance does not force you to perform a certain blow, do not try to do something that you have not even practiced, much less that has given you results a few times. Simplify to the max.

All these keys are much more effective than you think. You just have to try to put them into practice and stop wanting to imitate the professionals you see on television, who by the way are more than clear about these concepts.

Remember that television shows what they want you to see, for this reason we always recommend, from UGPM, to go to the tournaments and see the reality of the players in full competition.

So, if you want to improve your golf, first, simplify this hard-to-solve math equation called golf, and second, spend your time working on it.

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