It is no coincidence that a huge percentage of students decide to dedicate the previous year to college to travel the world, learn about other cultures, take the time to reflect on what they’ve achieved and decide on the next move

For some, a Gap Year might seem too risky or a waste of time; however, taking a GAP Year is full of benefits and nothing more than an investment in your future

That is why from UGPM we want to highlight the benefits of taking a Gap Year, in this case, accompanied by our favourite sport, golf!

* It will help you recharge, redefine and readjust your academic future. Sometimes when we finish the Secondary school we are still not clear about our academic future. Taking a Gap Year is an opportunity to expand your perspective, readjust the plans for your career and in case of the Gap Year at UGPM, learn about college life in Spain

* A Golfing Gap Year, as part of a high-performance golf program, organized with a weekly schedule, guided by professionals and being part of a team, is the best opportunity to boost your golf to another level

* Take the time to learn or improve a second language, while you experience living abroad. Sign up for a language course that, together with language immersion, will allow you to improve your level

* Living abroad during a Gap Year, will allow you to grow as a person, be independent and experiment a different way of life. You will make friends and professional contacts for a lifetime. In addition, Gap Year students have shown to be more involved in leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities on the university campus

* In general, a Gap Year abroad will improve your academic and professional profile. In the case of a Gap Year at UGPM, you will experiment the college life on campus and will acquire professional experience that will be useful in the future: according to a study by the American Gap Association, 88 percent of Gap Year graduates assure who have had more employment facilities


Contact our Admissions team ( and we will provide you with more information about our golfing Gap Year Program at UGPM