A new golf team in sight.

Since the UGP golf team was born in Malaga, almost 9 years ago, the classic questions asked on more than one occasion have always appeared in many talks,

Is UGPM the only university golf team? Isn’t there another golf program in Spain? Are you only situated in Malaga?

And so we could continue with an endless number of questions, all of them valid, and of course with a lot of sense, since we miss the competitiveness of university golf in the Spanish territory.

nuevo equipo de golf en Sevilla

And this is when we bring you good news. Finally, after a lot of work and dedication, we have decided to replicate the Málaga university golf program in the city of Seville. Yes! As you read it, next course (starting in September 2023) we will start with a new golf team in the city of Seville.

Where? In which golf course? In which residence? Which are the university options? We will answer each of your questions right here and without preamble.

Known as UGPM, because the program was born in Malaga, now that the family is growing and a new team is born in the city of Seville, we return to our original name, we are once again UGP, University Golf Program.

Club Zaudin Golf

The UGP Sevilla program will take place on the Club Zaudín Golf course, where in addition to having top-level facilities, the family atmosphere and the people who make up the club will make you feel better than at home.

Soon we will launch the new website, where you can find all the information on both programs, both in Malaga and Seville.

Livensa Living

Regarding accommodation, we are happy to share that we will collaborate with one of the top residences in Seville. Livensa Living Sevilla is located in the heart of the residential area, a few minutes from Parque María Luisa and Plaza España, and about 15 minutes from the golf course.

As for universities, we will collaborate with both public and private universities to offer you the widest range of possibilities for you to be part of our new golf team, UGP Sevilla.

In the next article of “UGPM Style”, or should we start calling it “UGP Style”, from our blog we will delve much deeper into the new UGP golf team in the city of Seville.

If you want to join and start this story, do it here and now.

Your golf team is waiting