As, since 2017, we have started with the Gap Year program, we would like to share with you why we found in this life experience, values that determine and accompany you for the rest of your lives.

What’s the value of a GAP Year?

Generally speaking, a GAP it’s considered a break in life before taking the next step, academically or professionally. It’s the opportunity to travel, to work, to learn or improve a discipline, to live abroad,…all aspirations can fit in a GAP year.

Our opinion is that when planning a GAP the goal has to be clear, get an experience that it will highlight your resumé and differentiates you from your peers.

Most of the times a GAP year can be decided with short notice, when your itinerary suddenly changes and doesn’t turn out as expected, when you have a passion that can’t balance in your career or just when you are uncertain about taking the next step.

Gap year player

Do not be frustrated an accept any option, take a break and evaluate a totally different option, a year to enjoy, to get perspective of your aspirations and decide what to do next.

The GAP at UGP Malaga was conceived as an experience to improve golf, learn the language and live the College life in a foreign country.

It is important to have a structure, a weekly agenda that engage the students in a routine but also it is important to have enough free time so every student can discretionary allocate his/her time.

That is also part of the meaning of the GAP year, taking a different road to explore and develop a growth mindset.

After the GAP year, you will be more confident and probably have changed some of the thoughts about what do you want in the future. You will have grown up and it will be a lifetime experience.

It is an investment that will definitely pay off. ¡We highly recommend the GAP year experience for anyone!.

As an academic golf program, designers of the GAP year program, we feel obliged to tell you how our players live this experience. However, each one is different and surely yours will be unique and special, you just have to encourage yourself to take the step.

We share with you this interesting interview from David, a player from the GAP program.

For your interest, at UGP Malaga we have developed two types of GAP programs so if you are interested in joining the team you can click here or write to us in the comments below. We will be happy to answer all your questions.