Improve your golf fitness and know the basic keys to maximize your golf swing!

1. Is physical preparation really important to improve your golf?

120 is the approximate number of muscles involved simultaneously in your golf swing.

Now if we ask…

What is better?

120 weak, rigid and unreactive muscles or 120 strong, elastic and powerful muscles?

Now the perspective changes, right?

Well, there we have the answer and one of the keys to improve your golf fitness and enhance your golf swing!

Not that it’s important.

Is essential.

For this reason, in parallel to the technical and mental work, within the UGPM methodology, we help students to develop and reach their maximum potential through specific exercises.

2. What are the best golf swing exercises?

All and none.

I explain:

All the exercises that are aligned with your characteristics, objectives and what the golf swing demands are ideal.

All exercises that are NOT aligned with the 3 previous points can be a waste of effort and time.

So now the question is…

3.What is the exercise to train the golf swing?

Even if you hit it in less than a second, a lot of things happen in that moment.

Apart from activating those 120 muscles that we have seen before, they are not only activated but each one has a well-defined “job”.

Tasks like creating stability and balance, quickly stretching and shortening, building power and speed all the way, transferring all the energy to the club and then to the ball.

(Now if that ball goes long and straight is another story, but for that the UGPM coaches are going to support you)

4. Where do I start training specifically?

Start by knowing yourself !

Do you really know what your current physical limits and virtues are?

That is the point number one to define.

Just like at the doctor.

If you don’t know what’s wrong or what symptoms you have, it’s very difficult for the doctor to prescribe something. Well, with exercise it’s very similar.

Trying to get to a destination without knowing where it starts, it’s not that you can’t, you’re just complicating it.

So, step number 1, know yourself.

Step number 2, once you are clear about your strengths and limitations, is to have a specific exercise plan based on those limitations to turn them into strengths.

Step number 3, be constant and progress continuously.

After more than 5 years training golfers from professionals to seniors, without a doubt the most important and significant thing you can do is:

Start with the most basic and then progress to the most advanced.

What do I mean by basics?

With the ABC of the golf swing.

Its ability to turn and stabilize.

If you want to start with a basic exercise click here!


Thank you for your time and I hope you liked the reading.

Costantino Peruzzi (Fitness Coach of UGPM and Founder of CP Golf Training)

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