The freshman year is full of challenges, especially if you are a dual career athlete

UGPM’s coaching team and senior players got together to talk us about those details that can help you succeed in your first year as a rookie at UGPM or at any other university golf team. Hope you find them useful:

1 – Your academic performance is always at first place. For UGPM it is important that you have a strong academic base so that you can then dedicate the necessary time to your golf performance

2 – Introduce yourself to the teachers, ask as much as you can and make them notice you. High-performance university athletes are highly valued by the universities. The teacher will empathize with your athlete condition and will help you in everything possible

3 – Do not fall behind in your studies and never miss a class. Each class you take will mean less home-study time and more time to play golf

4 – Do not get obsessed with your competition results. We don’t do it; we think long-term and give more importance to your progress during the program

5 – Trust your team, and above all, trust yourself.  Perseverance is what makes the difference between the winner and the loser

6 – “Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”. Wear your uniform nicely, be punctual, be respectful, be friendly and offer your help to others

7 – Respect your “seniors” and learn from them. They have already done the journey that you still have ahead

8 – Listen to your coach, he is there to guide you

9 – “Go hard or go home!”. Work hard, the coaching team and UGPM players will see it and won’t doubt to support you all the tim

10 – And last but not less important: Enjoy. Have fun. Seize the opportunity